Saturday, August 27, 2005

Long-ass days, thanks, faves & new HNT treats!

HNT is really getting out of control--AND I LIKE IT!!! I was up until 3:00 AM on Wed. and Thurs. nights just trying to keep up with the comments! Fortunately, the bosses were away on Thursday, so I was able to maintain a presence most of the afternoon. The final count for the week--137 half-nekkid freaks out there! Actually, 138 (I never include myself in that number!). I got a great comment from sdk just a few minutes ago. She left a comment on all of the HNT entries. Not sure if she just went off of my comments or off the Nekkid roll (longer list), but she said she started at 10:00 PM, and ended at 1:39 AM. That's 3 hours and 39 minutes of life she'll never get back! That's why I had to start limiting my comments on blogs. Plus I need the time to make sure that anyone in the bottom list who posted a HNT got moved to the top. And greet the newbies. It just doesn't end!

Here's a graph of my visits over the past month. I did this once before, but when I had a measly 100 hits for the day. This is up-to-the-minute results:
I like the regularity of the peaks! And the fact that they are continually going UP!! HNT is only as good as those who are joining in, so my personal thanks to all of you who have made it what it's become!
Someone asked me again which HNT blog I liked the best. I hate that question, because I always leave someone out, but I'll answer it this time. They might not be the "most" half-nekkid, but they have all caught my fancy! These are the ones I'll check on first (but not in any particular order), whether they've left me a comment or not:
  • Ago-go--I love ya dear! One of the truly amazing necks in HNT! Work on those mpegs!
  • HeatherS--this girl could kick my ass if I ran into her in an alley or a bar. Blond, athletic, and not afraid of showing off her body. This week's picture skyrocketed to my all-time favorite!
  • Binsk--incredible camera angles! Very artistic!
  • Yoj--she often accompanies some very nice HNT with her poetry. Very sensual. And she knows it!
  • Andi--my blogfriend from TX. The one I "forced" into buying a camera! Great bits and pieces!
  • Rachel--my friend IRL from Helena. The one who has opened up more of herself than any of us ever expected!
  • Aughra--she's a bit more shy than she lets on. But not afraid to show what she wants!
  • Moose--sure, she's my best friend IRL, but I'm getting to see things that I never got to see in the past 8 years!!
  • Tish--she's new, but she's quickly ascended the ranks! Very gung-ho about HNT!
  • Addict--not quite sure why, but she fascinates me!
There you have it. For now. Please remember--I love ALL of the HNT people! This is not the same list of my favorite bloggers, though there is some crossover. If you disagree with any of my choices (like I would really care... ), let me know. If you think you should be one of my favorites, let me know. I can be bought!
A particular blogger asked, "Where do you see HNT headed? Are there plans for improvement?" I'll skip the first question. And, technically, the second question. Let's just say there are some things that will be appearing on the virtual horizon. I have crack research/development teams working independently on one project, and I've got another project spinning in my head (thanks, Cece!). I hope to spring both of these ideas on the unsuspecting public in the near future! Just a little more fun for HNT!

It's late--I'm going to bed. I've got some other things to post about. A couple of rants. Not sure if I'll get posts up on all of them or not. Also got tagged by both Keebler and Britni with the same thing, so I'll get to that this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it as it winds down!
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