Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lotsa stuff this weekend...

Geez--where to start?

Thursday--See the post below for info on the Alison Krauss concert. Regarding HNT, we had 97 join in on the fun. I'm finding stragglers out there all the time, but that number is pretty close to true. No doubt in my mind that we'll easily surpass the 100 mark this week! One comment I've seen on the newer people is how friendly and positive we've been to them. Keep it up! And an official decision from my end of things--I'm no longer going to comment on all posts. It's taking me over 3 hours of non-stop browsing (and reading other's comments) to get through the list. Please don't take it personally if I don't leave anything. If your name is on the Nekkid roll over there on the right, then I've personally seen a HNT pic on your site for the week!

Friday--My 30-yr class reunion. Missed out on the golf in the morning, since I got home after midnight from the concert the night before and spent a couple hours doing HNT stuff. We had a no-host gathering on Friday night. Some general observations: I used to be pretty good at placing names and faces, and did pretty well with the women. The men were another story. Between the extra weight, the baldness, the facial hair, the gray, or any combination of those things--many of the men were difficult to recognize. The standard greeting was not a handshake, but a hand reaching out to grab a closer look at the nametags. We partied until about 2:30AM (yes, we were surprisingly good at that). I had to drive a classmate home who was too drunk to drive. Only took 3 attempts for her to figure out what street to turn down. I got home at about 3:15 and immediately wrote a drunk blog about the evening, but then closed my browser instead of hitting the publish button. Oops. Probably for the better anyway. Highlight of the evening was reconnecting with a former girlfriend (a first-time mom at 43!) whom I hadn't seen in just under 30 years! Biggest disappointment was finding out that my best friend from HS was not going to be attending...

Saturday--Most of my class hadn't set foot in the school since we left, so we arranged an open house for about an hour so people could wander around. Quite a few did that. Then we had a tailgate party at a nearby park. We had far more people than anticipated, but most of us drank water and lemonade--I guess we aren't the total party animals that we had imagined. We had a very nice dinner buffet and dance that night. Very little dancing--people were still into catching up on each other. Our cross-town rival high school was also having their reunion at the same time in a different part of town. Theirs was apparently a bust, because a bunch of them crashed ours. I was accosted at one point by 3 women from the other school--they were girls I had gone to grade school with. (Point of clarification--I attended the only Catholic grade school in town until they closed it down after 6th grade. The students were then separated into "east side" and "west side", and started the 7th grade at their respective junior highs. This tore up 4-6 years of great friendships. There was no way that we could be friends anymore, since they went to the "other" school.) Of course, I recognized all of them immediately, even after not seeing each other since 1969!!! And we'd run around to others that we'd gone to grade school with, all with the same happy reactions! To me, that was the absolute highlight of the weekend! They closed out our reunion with us, catching us up on our 6th grade friends from the other side of town. We gathered everyone who was still around who attended Bishop Gilmore School (about 20 of us, I think) for a picture. We exchanged emails. It was great!

Sunday--Nothing specific planned. I had hoped to sleep, but was awakened by a nasty clap of thunder in the neighborhood. Sun shining, no rain, and lightning and thunder. That was funky! Got together with a classmate before she left town, talked to another for awhile, then pretty much did nothing but nap and grocery shop. The temperature was 100 for the past couple of days, and it's just too damned hot to do much of anything else.

Now, all of a sudden, I don't have anything pressing coming up in the near future. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself! Not to say there's not a great deal to do--I just don't have anything fun on the horizon. Is summer over??? I'll be scanning alot of photos over the next few days. And trying to recover my concert pics. And I found something to add to the blog, if I can find some particular files. Hopefully you all had a great weekend!
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