Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's a Go!!!

I received an unusually high number of comments regarding Dorky Tuesday (see post below). It looks like enthusiasm is high, so we will definitely plan on it for Tuesday, Sept. 6th!

Yes, it could be slightly damaging to some of your self-images. But I'm not asking you to post anything that I'm not willing to post myself! It seems that there are some of you who feel more comfortable showing your half-nekkid self than your dorky side! For those of you who claim not to have a scanner--I can guarantee that you know someone who does! That's why you've been given a week's notice!

If this is the success that I anticipate that it will be, I might plan on trying different themes once or twice a year.

Now go grab a camera and take care of your HNT pic for tomorrow!

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