Wednesday, August 03, 2005

HNT Agony of Da Feet

Go to WarCryGirl's site and vote for me! I've lost that comfortable lead I had!!

Right off the bat--I apologize Grace. At least I warned you! I'm running short on time, short on ideas, and it's damned hard to come up with something exciting without a camera partner! Anyway, this is the opposite end of last week's head shot. These are ugly and stubby. But they're relatively clean! I cannot begin to tell you how much my feet hurt these days. I'm in desperate need of a pedicure. Or at least a very lengthy foot rub.

Other items of note: you can see rows and rows of CDs on the walls on each side (classical on right, rock/jazz on left). Out of control philodendron above the TV on the right. Powerbook on left. Fat calves. Incredibly weird & ugly toes, even from the bottom side. The gap between the big toe and the next one on my left foot where the doctors removed the "extra" one. Well, just kidding on that one. Just seeing if you read this far.

And a HNT programming note--Heather had to leave town, so she's posted early. I don't know of anyone else. There's probably others. I hope they stop by and leave a comment! Enjoy HNT!

iTunes: Don't Speak, No Doubt

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