Monday, December 31, 2007

The Highs and Lows of 2007 - The Highs

It's 90 minutes to 2008 as I'm about to post this. The head is shaved. There's no snow on the ground. I'm at home spending NYE drinking beer and watching bad movies on TV. I'm officially old! Be sure to read the post below this one first!! It's my "Lows" list! This one was easier to do. And it's a little embarrassing to see what I consider a "High". The one thing that didn't make the list were the beer drinking sessions that I did with Moose, Rachel and Just.A.Girl. Those are just a given...

"The 10 High Points of 2007"
(from less high to highest of the high)

10. Visit from the Pope - According to Statcounter, the Pope, the Holy See, the Pontiff, the Bishop of Rome, the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was a visitor to my site! What's a tad disturbing is that He came over from Married In Ohio's site!

9. Shaved Head - This one took you, me, and just about everyone by surprise. If I would have known about the positive reaction I would have gotten for this, I would have done it 20 years ago!

8. My Football Teams - My three main football teams all did very well, with 2 of them winning their respective championships. My UM Griz made the playoffs in the FCS (formerly 1-AA) before falling in the first round. But my former high school won the MT AA Championship (that's the big schools here), and of course, Carroll College won their 5th national NAIA championship in the past 6 years. Not bad on all fronts!
7. Symphony Under the Stars - Once again, a successful concert. After enduring triple digit heat, a severely injured leg, smoky skies, and numerous rehearsals. Plus having to set up the stage, tear it down, supervise the grand piano move, and dealing with those who "know" better. We had anywhere from 15-17,500 people, depending on whom you talk to. For all the things that could go wrong with this concert, we've had great results. We'll be doing it again next July!
6. In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns - We had a great run this year, right up to the point where we called it "quits" (or not). Some great gigs out at the lake, a few wedding receptions, and of course, the Alive @ Five party downtown. In addition to the gigs, there were two new additions born to the "family"! A pretty good year all around!

5. iPod Touch - I bought myself a new iPod in November. Happy, happy, joy, joy!! Nothing more needs to be said.

4. Row 2 at Chicago - August found me in the second row for the Chicago concert in Bozeman. Great seats, fantastic concerts, and the horns "posed" for a HNT picture with me!

3. The Unnamed Love of My Life - As mentioned over the past few posts. Even though it didn't turn out the way that I had envisioned, I do have to thank her for changing my general behavior and personality. When people in real life mentioned that I seemed happier or something, it must have been working! Any of you who have been around for awhile know that I was generally in the dumps for awhile for alot of reasons. She brought me out of that, and I will always thank her for that. Has that feeling lasted? Yeah, I think so. I'm nowhere near as immediately negative as I once was. I at least wait before playing the devil's advocate. And frankly, I haven't given up on love! (btw--this will likely be the last you hear about this.)

2. Job Change - In January, my staff position in the symphony changed from personnel to production manager. It has been the perfect move for me. In spite of more physical labor, and my body enduring all sorts of abuse, it's much easier to work with inanimate objects, than trying to work with people. People suck.
1. My 50th birthday in Dallas - In spite of my family's disbelief, I ran off to Dallas to celebrate my 50th birthday. I knew it would be at least as fun as my Nashville trip, and I was right! Way too many things I could talk about but the friendships were all genuine, the drinking was excessive, the sleep was lacking, the boobie grabbing was wonderful, the stripper with hot-pink hair was phenomenal, the hours were grueling, the presents were special, and the memories are lasting. My thanks to everyone that joined the celebration! So where should I go next???
That's the list of the "high" points for 2007. I hope that in a year from now, my list is just as easy to make! Happy New Year to All!

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