Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 2: Debbie Does Os

Not many of us got up before noon on Saturday. Including myself. Too much fun from the night before. I haven't seen anything of Dallas yet. It's been too cold (well, Texas-type cold), too windy (tornados), and this area is HUGE! I looked on Google maps to see how close everything was. It's a lie. Nothing is close to anything around here!

We started out last night at Stealth's. Actually, at the clubhouse of the condos where she lives. Gifts and cards were given, food and drink, and everyone generally had a good time.

Again, we had those "you're 50, you're old, that must suck...) party things. Including these suckers.

No, not those suckers. The grape-flavored lollipop kind...

Eventually it was decided that I needed to be taken to a strip club. Reluctantly, I went, along with most of us to Baby Dolls, a nice family establishment. Well, maybe not family. But we certainly helped out the local college kids! Of course, no pictures. There may have been a lap dance. Or two. We got back a little earlier than the night before. A few more gifts, and then I spent my first night as a 50-yr. old man.

Today we'll have an early dinner, and then maybe a little drive around "town". I have to go to bed early, too. My flight leaves at 6:45 AM tomorrow. Maybe...

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