Thursday, April 12, 2007

texas interruptus

Here was the basic itinerary:
    Depart Missoula for Denver
    2-hr. layover in Denver
    Depart Denver for Dallas.
Simple, right?

I'm at home. In Helena. After driving 115 miles W to Missoula to catch a flight to Texas for the weekend. Apparently, this afternoon's flights into/out of Denver were cancelled.

To the poor girl's credit, she tried. There were 20 other frustrated and angry travelers behind me, but she spent 25 minutes trying every alternative to get me to Dallas tonight. Since this was a late afternoon flight, the rest of the country booked all the available seats for direct flights to DFW. There were possibilities of going through Seattle, LAX, Minneapolis, O'Hare, Phoenix--but all of them had to go through Denver. So we came up with a new solution, that won't make me drive another 115 miles again. But the itinerary isn't quite as simple:
  • Depart Helena for Great Falls (90 miles NORTH) on Alaska Airlines at 6:10AM. Change planes.
  • Depart Great Falls for Denver on United at 7:15AM. Change planes.
  • Depart Denver for Dallas-Fort Worth at 10:10AM. First class!
  • Arrive DFW at 12:57PM CDT. Let the games begin!
With all this changing around, you just KNOW that the baggage won't arrive. After all, tomorrow IS Friday the 13th...

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