Monday, April 30, 2007

OsShirt Returns!

Among the numerous highlights of my birthday celebration in Dallas, one that hasn't really been mentioned yet is the return of the OsShirt. Sort of. For those who haven't been in the loop (which would be most of you), the original OsShirt appears to be MIA (oh, the private joke that only one or two people can figure out here...). It was mailed to a major hotel in NYC just before Thanksgiving, hoping to get seen at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And all the other NYC Christmas sights. Well, after almost five months of checking with the hotel, it appears that it truly is lost. No one's fault really, other than the USPS. Everyone can now bow their heads for a moment of silence...

Fortunately, a replacement shirt has been found. Not quite as colorful, but equally tacky. It made its first public appearance as the new OsShirt at the Friday night function at Shumpy's. And while it was worn by a couple of people (even slept in, I believe...), the lovely Tara Tainton provided the official debut of the shirt. Sort of like seeing the white smoke at the Vatican. You can see the official debut picture on her site here. She even took it to the Grand Canyon, and had her mother get in on the action as well! And just to show you that it's an equal opportunity shirt, here's Mom, Code and Shumpy in the OsShirt. Sort of in a test run! Click 'em to big 'em!

The good news--the OsShirt will return to its previous itinerary, criss-crossing the continent to spread joy and good will to all that it meets! Look forward to OsShirt sightings, and for updates to the OsShirt site!

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