Friday, April 20, 2007

Da Count #19

Da Count this week (yeah, I know--it's been awhile....) is all about friends. My family was confused and questioned my sanity when I told them I was running off to Dallas for my birthday, rather than staying around here. How do you explain to non-bloggers that the people I was meeting are friends, not just some random usernames? So these are the friends that helped me celebrate. And my impressions (in alphabetical order).
    Avery's Mom - She brought Avery (my new gf), her little brother and Batman. I am SO glad to have met them! She's a knockout! Even with 2 kids needing constant attention, she was able to multi-task. Motherhood looks difficult. They only showed up on Sunday night, so I didn't get a great deal of time to talk with her, but Avery and I hit it off great! Sorta makes me wonder, what if....?

    BTExpress and Lori - These guys were there to party! BTE was pretty much what I expected, and was the oldest one there--taking the pressure off of me! I had no idea what to expect of Lori, but she's a fun-loving woman who has found happiness with her man. These two were made for each other! Thanks for the scrapbook, guys!

    Cold Hands - She is one of my very first bloggerfriends from way back when. She's gone through a couple of name changes since that time, most recently as Princess Stephanie. She's the one who brought Pixel along (see below), as well as The Boy! Her knowledge of strip clubs in the area was particularly helpful on Saturday night!

    No One In Particular - NOIP has been a good friend for a long time (I saw her face before any of you!). She took the bull by the horns and organized most of the weekend. I cannot truly express my appreciation to her for that. Unfortunately, she and her husband weren't able to join us on Sunday. She's a wonderful person with a huge smile, and a huge heart. Thanks for your work, NOIP!

    Pixel - Pixel isn't a blogger anymore. She used to be. I believe she might have done a handful of HNTs. Many of her exploits can be found on someone else's blog. It was good to see her. There might have been some flashing going on with some other guests, but I'm not going to say, one way or the other.... She was also in charge of the Jaeger shots. Oh, dear!

    Shumpy - I've wanted to meet this man for a long time. Possibly the little brother I never had. We had the BBQ at his place on Friday and was a truly gracious host. Even when most of us were more than fashionably late trying to avoid tornados and hail. The guy goes non-stop during the week. I'm glad we got to meet both him and his super secret, but really cute girlfriend!

    Stealth - Hard to say enough about Stealth. She picked me up at the airport, and delivered me back, in spite of her fear of driving there alone (may I say this right now--the Dallas area is not an easy place to drive around...). The striking thing I noticed at first was the smile. She doesn't do that much on her site. She really should. She's quite attractive! I spent a good deal of time with her--she was my unofficial escort for the weekend. And much better than a Yahoo map. Most of the time.... She also gave me one of the most personal gifts I've ever received (get your minds outta the gutter, people...). Thank you for that, and for a wonderful time, babe!

    Tara Tainton - Sexy, stunning, sweet, shy. All these describe Tara. I really didn't know what to expect here. Those of you who have seen her site--she's 10 times more beautiful! She brought her lover/partner/soulmate along as well, who was a kick in the pants, too! The two of them graced me with a few gifts--some naughty, some not (aarrggh!). Still waiting for that ftp info! She was as excited to meet us as we were to meet her! Something tells me that we'll be meeting again!
And actually, that comment holds true for most of us. Alot of new friendships were forged last weekend. The question now--where do I head to next....?

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