Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Biscuit!!

Every once in awhile you meet a blogger online that you just "click" with. From the instant you land on their site, you just know that this is someone that you're going to get to know better. Biscuit is one of those.

I first heard of her when I somehow ended up reading about Klineapalooza in the fall of 2005. A fun-loving bunch of women, that group! When the Klineapalooza girls meet up, no telling what might happen! The whole OsShirt concept was born from one of their parties! I think the picture at the top left is one of the first ones I ever saw of Biscuit. It might be the impression I get of her most of the time--taking a break in the action to observe what's going on around her. Plotting her next move...

As you can see, she was an up-and-coming HNTer even as a little girl. Now that she's older, she's given us plenty to look at in her HNTs, but this one is one of my favorites. Beyond that, she gives us a look at her daily life, her passion for spinning, her love for her family, and the quirky little things that she deals with each week.

Today, Biscuit turned 40 years old. I had planned to post one of her sorority pictures, but quite frankly, she's looking a whole lot better now than she did then! Stop by and wish her a happy 40th! And check out why her crotch hurts!


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