Friday, April 06, 2007

Stuff That's Been Swirling In My Head

I was going through some old pictures in iPhoto, and realized that I never posted any pictures from my last days of the Caribbean cruise. There's only one that I really wanted to post. That would be the picture of "Big Black Dick" on Grand Cayman Island. I've seen one or two other sites featuring his picture as well. There's a whole explanation of who he was over there on the right side. Click it to big it to read it. I haven't posted a picture of a Big Black Dick until now. Enjoy!

I promised earlier to post the goth-ish version of "Jesus Christ Superstar". If you're familiar with the original, this should prove to be interesting! It's recorded by the Slovenian experimental group Laibach.
Why did no one tell me about this?? I was in the store today, and passed the Easter candy. I, of course, went looking for the Cadbury eggs. And there, between the Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Caramel Eggs, sat the newest addition to the Cadbury line-up: the Orange Creme Egg! Oh, my! MG--you MUST try one of these!

Remember all my legal problems from last summer? All stemming from the expired license plates? Tuesday afternoon I was walking towards my car (my very DIRTY car) and noticed that someone had run a finger across my equally dirty license plate, exposing my current tag. WHICH EXPIRED LAST MONTH!! I renewed Wednesday afternoon...
Many thanks to all that congratulated me on "...the Other HNT's" anniversary. It's you guys that do it, not me! Congratulations to you!

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