Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Guardian of the Gulch

OK--my previous post wasn't up for 15 minutes before I was chastised (politely, and in a non-judgmental way) for not having a picture of the rainbow. Not so much for not having the picture, but for having the audacity to leave the house without a camera. So I took a camera with me tonight, and I took a picture! This is one of the oldest remaining structures in town--a fire tower built in 1876. It sits on a hill overlooking downtown Helena, and had an unimpeded view of all of Helena (well, all of Helena at that time). Every December it is lit up for Christmas. No, it's not a terribly exciting picture, but I had my camera with me, and I took it!
To answer everyone's question about the day--it wasn't great (it wasn't a FULL rainbow), but it certainly wasn't a bad one. I'd say it was a very good day. Thanks for asking!

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