Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Wrote WHAT?!?!

I stole this from Leesa's site in 2005, did it last year, and am doing it again this year.

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2007?
January - "Made it through the night without incident." (Recap of the NYE festivities the night before.)

February - "'Hiding' isn't quite what I was going for when I took this week's HNTs. (Apologizing in advance for a fairly weak HNT.)

March - "I was supposed to have a rehearsal Tuesday night, but bad roads and illnesses scuttled that." (Another fairly boring HNT.)

April - "Yes, it's that time of year when pilgrims make the trek to the holiest of all lands." (Talking about the week of the Master's golf tournament in Augusta, GA. Paradise on Earth.)

May - "Sometimes you come up against the deadline for HNT, and you wrack your brains for an idea, and wonder what you'll possibly be able to do." (Alot of HNTs at the first of the month, apparently...)

June - "Yesterday, on the hottest day of the year to date (87° F), a few thousand friends, family and staff crammed the un-airconditioned PE Center at the college to watch the 33rd commencement ceremonies for one of the two local high schools." (My second niece's HS graduation.)

July - "*~Happy Canada Day to those of that persuasion! I've noticed that all my Canadian bloggerfriends are fairly hot. Must be the beer or something, eh." (My Canadian bloggerfriends are still fairly hot...even the pregnant ones!)

August - "I mentioned earlier that I'd 'received a check for a large sum of money from a madame'." (This is the post where I told the story of the check.)

September - "Well, I had a somewhat long post here, but when I re-read it, I realized it was incredibly boring." (Seems to be a common problem with many of my posts...)

October - "One of the things I've found after almost 30 months of HNT is that I can sense the fluidity of participation probably better than anyone else." (Referring to the post I wrote about Evening's breast cancer fight.)

November - "I've done alot of thinking about what I could do that would be scary or shocking for this week's Halloween HNT." (Self-explanatory)

December - "I'm pleasantly surprised that I can steal a wireless signal at the church!" (Hmmm...seems like I just wrote this yesterday...)
Feel free to steel this and do it yourselves!

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