Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bits and Pieces; This 'n That

The concert came off well. I guess. I just don't like the "Messiah" anymore. The four vocal soloists were quite good (and the two ladies were quite attractive!), and there were some moments where the strings sounded better than they ever have, but overall, it just didn't do "it" for me.
Happy to report that, other than the finger injury, I didn't draw blood all weekend! The swelling has gone down, and there weren't any cool colors, but it hurts like a m-fer if I do certain things. And it's surprising just exactly how much you do with your knuckle! The consensus is that I tore a ligament. So I keep it taped to the next finger and hope it heals soon. I haven't tried yet, but I think it might affect how I hold my horn, and that wouldn't be a good thing...
Rehearsals for "Nutcracker" start tonight. I'll be much more excited for this! If I can hold my horn.
Just a note--87 degrees in early June in Montana is DAMNED hot! Quit laughing.
The temperature on Saturday morning, when we were locked out of the church for rehearsal, was about 6 degrees. Sunny, but cold. At 6:00 PM today, it was 50. Cloudy, but warm. And the snow might be gone by tomorrow. On the other hand, Leesa's neck of the woods has had up to 36" of snow, with more in the surrounding areas. Gotta love living in Montana!
I got tagged with a meme that has had me going through my archives. Almost three years worth. That meme will be forthcoming, but I was thoroughly engrossed by myself!
Had the opportunity over the past week or so to start in on the Christmas movies. I don't generally like Will Farrell, but "Elf" is pretty cute. I might have mentioned that last year. I didn't sing at the end, but I think there might have been a tear. And then there was "White Christmas". Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and my dreamgirl, Vera-Ellen. I'm a sucker for dance/musical numbers (not to be confused with musicals), and Vera-Ellen was the female equivalent to Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. As athletically and physically capable as her male counterparts, she also added the most attractive face... I could watch this movie every day of December!
Also got sucked into the "American Idol" knock-off with the bands. For as much as I despise reality TV, and don't watch any of it, I love this show! Because it's what I do (well, what I used to do). Of the remaining 5 bands, I don't understand why the semi-punk/80s band is still there, and I'm afraid that the bluegrass-playing brothers can't go much farther. The winner will be either the horn band (Denver and the Mile High Orchestra), or the veteran country group (Sixwire (?)). Both groups easily outshine the others with their level of musicianship, and their arrangements of songs are outstanding. Obviously I'm pulling for the horn band! The dark horse group--the hard rocking band made up of young teenagers (13-15). Surprisingly talented, and the lead singer actually has some good pipes! And they all have alot of hair. Think of a cross between Hanson and Judas Priest. Good thing I have my Friday nights free most of this month!
If you haven't done it yet, be sure to take OsQuiz #3. As I mentioned earlier, I've been a bit surprised about some of the scores!
I've gotten some submissions for the Mystery Guest, but am always looking for more! If you've got questions about "how to do it", shoot me an email!

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