Saturday, December 01, 2007

Stealing from the church...

I'm pleasantly surprised that I can steal a wireless signal at the church!

I know that you've been eager to find out if I've injured myself yet for this concert. I'm happy to report that yes, I have! Yesterday afternoon I was involved in a traffic accident. My big furniture-moving type truck versus some little poorly built American car. Unmarked intersection, icy/snowy road, and a woman who was driving WAY too fast for conditions. I braked, and actually stopped in the intersection (no way to zip through it), and she slid into the front wheel of the truck. Did some damage to her hood/front quarter panel, but virtually nothing to the truck. She was in such a hurry to get out of there and avoid a handful of tickets that she said she was okay with it, and I certainly was, and neither of us wanted to stay outside in the cold waiting for the police. So was parted ways.

What I didn't realize at the time is that I had jammed my left index finger in the steering wheel. Whereas yesterday it was just a little bothersome, today it's swollen and I can't move it. It has some range in pointing up and down, but I couldn't make a peace symbol to save my soul. I can still do the shocker though (fat lot of good that does me...)! It's at the first knuckle at the bottom of my finger. Good thing it's my left hand...

I have rehearsal stuff going for another couple of hours, then home to watch the tail end of my team's semi-final game. And then maybe putting up my Christmas tree tonight. With a big bowl of chili (it's single digits right now...). I'll probably post something else tonight. Assuming I can type one-handed.

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