Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve, and the "Collection"

Did you know Christmas is only 2 days away???
It's official. My Christmas cards will be late for the 10th year in a row, or so.
Went to the post office yesterday to mail off a couple of packages. No chance that they'd get to their destination by Christmas, but I will have at least sent them before then (see above statement). I got in line at around 11:45, and the window closes at noon. Obviously they would take care of those who were in line, but they don't let anyone else in line after noon. So I had my place in line, but it was looking to be at least 45 minutes to get to the front of it. I felt vindicated in my fellow man--all of whom were at least as inefficient with their Christmas time as I! But I had things to do, so I got a brilliant idea! I could run out to a small nearby town and use their post office!! I postulated that by the time I got out there (about 5-7 miles away), I would still be there by noon, and my delivery would be done, and I wouldn't have wasted the 45 minutes facing me here. So I head out. No real traffic, and the lights were with me. I had 5 minutes to spare as I opened the door. And as anticipated--not too many cars in the parking lot, and no line to stop me at the door to the front counter. What I didn't anticipate--THE PLACE WAS CLOSED!!! I ended up going to UPS...
I was hesitant to mention it this year, but someone I was chatting with this week talked me into it. "It" meaning the "Collection". Many of you are new and may not know what that is. So let me backtrack...

At about this time in 2005, a particular blogger made a comment about the private collection of pictures I must have, based on the wild success of HNT. There seemed to be a great deal of surprise that I didn't have one. So for the last two of weeks of 2005, I asked for boobie pictures for the "Collection". Pictures that were taken for me for Christmas. Not leftovers or anything like that. And about 20 people sent me pictures (or multiple pictures). Sort of that Field of Dreams thing..."If you build it they will come..." Even had some lurkers who have never done HNT on their own send me a picture!

Fast forward to the present. The "Collection" has continued strongly, with over 75 different individuals, and most of them with their own folders for multiple submissions. And it hasn't stopped with boobies. Alot of them are HNT outtakes. Many of them are surprising from the particular individuals sending them in. But something else happened. There's a few bloggers that have never shown their face or had any sort of family pictures on their site. But they've trusted me enough to send a family portrait, or their kids, or their face, or whatever. Those are pretty special too! And they go into the "Collection" because, like the nekkid ones, no one gets to see these (at least from me...).

I thought about not pushing it this year, but like I said, I was encouraged to. Many of you are new enough that you wouldn't know about it. SO....if you're so inclined, spread a little Christmas cheer my way! One picture, or dozens--all are accepted! And expect some mention of this until the New Year! I look forward to your holiday cheer!
Don't forget about the theme for the last HNT of 2007! Pick your favorite HNT that you've posted, and just as importantly, let us know why it's your favorite! It doesn't have to be the most nekkid, or what you think others would think of as your favorite. Click on the link at the top of the sidebar if you need more details!

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