Sunday, July 29, 2007

Half a life ago...

Someone I was chatting with awhile back made some sort of snide comment about my age (can you guess who that was?). Basically chiding me about something that happened about 25 years ago. Half my life ago. Since 1982. But it got me to thinking--what other things have I done, but not in the last 25 years (half my life ago) or more? So here's a list of 25 of them. Stuff I've done, but not in 25 years or more:
  • Water-skied
  • Ridden a horse
  • Drank tequila
  • Shaved my upper lip
  • Seen a total solar eclipse
  • Tobogganed
  • Seen any of my sisters naked
  • Smoked a cigarette
  • Owned a cowboy hat
  • Driven eastbound on a westbound interstate lane
  • Lost $280 in a single night of blackjack
  • Ridden a rollercoaster
  • Had my picture taken in front of a glacier
  • Walked through 6-10" of volcanic ash
  • Played tuba in a German band
  • Worn lederhosen (see previous entry)
  • Broken a bone requiring a cast
  • Received a check for a large sum of money from a madame
  • Sat in line for over an hour at a gas station to fill my car
  • Eaten fried chicken which was a living organism just 8 hours earlier
  • Grown marijuana
  • Gone ice-blocking
  • Spent an entire summer in summer rep
  • Done "it" off the end of a dock under a full moon
  • Bought a pre-recorded cassette tape
What haven't YOU done since half your life ago?

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