Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Status report

*--I'm OK. Really, I am. But thanks for wondering!

*--Had rehearsal last night after a triple-digit day of heat. It was as bad as I anticipated.

*--Had a couple of the out-of-town musicians who are joining us show up last night. I'm sitting next to a chick tuba player! Good chick tuba players are generally attractive (as opposed to guy tuba players, who tend to look like me...). Her husband in the percussion section thinks she's attractive too.

*--I am in constant amazement at how classical musicians don't "get" the jazz feel. And not just the string players. We've got some excellent, classically-trained wind and brass players who couldn't "swing" their way out of a paper bag. Hopefully they'll get it by Saturday!

*--Had beers with the conductor and the players from out-of-town. At the Brewhouse. For those who know what I'm talking about--I polished off my first quaff in three minutes. Literally. Should have stopped there though...

*--Got stage crew problems taken care of. At this point, there's only one more phone call I need to make, and things should fall into place nicely! Something just doesn't seem right about that.

*--HNT is on for tomorrow night, though I probably won't get the chance to really look around until Sunday or Monday. I'm not ignoring you!

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