Sunday, July 29, 2007


Not a great weekend here in the land of Os. I think that the activities of last weekend finally caught up with me. I had a wrap-up meeting on Friday afternoon, and as soon as I got home, I just didn't feel right. Didn't even hear the phone when Moose called to meet her and her boy and another couple from the wedding for a beer. Not that I would have gone if I HAD answered. It only got worse on Saturday. Sweaty and pukey. A lovely combination. I tried to sleep it off, but as I was getting ready to go set up for a gig, the pukeys were still around. I tried to call the one guy that could sub for me, but got no answer. So I had to call the guys, who were already at the venue, to let them know I wasn't showing up. I have no idea how it went. Today wasn't as pukey, but I sat at home all day. Without air-conditioning. Ugh.
While at home, I got my fill of all the "Godfather" movies. Don't need to see them again for awhile.
I think part of what's gotten to me besides the lack of sleep, overexertion and heat is the smoke. We have a fire about 35 miles NW of town, and a couple of others within 100 miles or so. Due to the geography of the area, we get smoke from all over the place. The closest one has crested a hill, so the flames are visible at night from town. I took these last night (20 sec. exposure on the blue one), and then the smoke plume that appeared this morning. I don't think we've come close to the end of things. It's only bound to get worse. Click 'em to big 'em! (there really IS a picture in that black one...)

The area being burned out right now threatened some homes, but I think they're not in danger now. It's sort of a hop, skip and a jump away (well, really big ones) from the York Bar where we ate and drank the other night. Surprisingly, it's in an area that burned out before about 10 years ago, but apparently still has enough fuel in the area to burn quite well!
Moose and Rachel left this morning to spend a day or two in Glacier Park. But I don't think they get to have a campfire. Same dryness going on up there...
Had some plans for next weekend that fell through. Anyone have any ideas??

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