Saturday, July 07, 2007

07/07/07 - Lucky Sevens!

I got asked to be interviewed by the Blog Interviewer. "Interviews with the most interesting bloggers on the Internet". I don't know that I'm all that interesting, but what the heck... I checked out some of the other interviewees, and there's definitely some other blogs worth checking out. And the sidebar categorizes them, which is helpful. You should go check it out.
Had a gig last night, and go back again tonight. Out at the lake. A really good crowd last night. We played pretty well--pulled out some songs that we haven't performed/rehearsed in 2-3 years. It's always fun to realize how much we remember! The temps hit 100 yesterday before the clouds rolled in. Cooled things down to the low 90s, but the rise in humidity really sucked. The only thing that would have made it more miserable to play would have been playing in direct sunlight. And as the evening went on, the temperature actually got warmer! What's up with that? And oh, the bugs! Plenty of mosquitoes, of course, but they managed to bring alot of their friends. I think that every one of us sucked down a bug or two in mid-breath. Tasty!
Nostalgia time--this could be long and boring... When I was a junior in college (30 years ago), I was really introduced to the concept that chicks dig musicians. During the fall quarter, most of the seniors were out of town doing their student teaching, so we pretty much ruled the roost. And had first crack at all the freshman girls! And we made sure that we got to know all of them! Sure, there were the numerous parties and other gatherings, but when we organized our first road trip--that's when the women separated from the girls! MSU vs. ISU in football. We put together a little pep band to make the 260 mile trip to Pocatello to play for our beloved Bobcats (some of you realize the irony in my writing that...). Much to my glee, "Tina", a cute little trumpet player joined us! In fact, if my memory serves me right, all the girls that joined us were freshman. I won't bore you with details, but suffice it to say that this particular crop of freshmen fit in quite well in the music department. Tina and I hung out pretty much until the new year, and then we didn't. No real spark between us, and we weren't exclusive, by any means. It's just like we came back from Christmas break, and we went our separate ways. I found other fish in the sea, and she found other interests outside of the music dept. But I'll always remember the cutie that she was.

Fast forward to last night. I walked past a woman who was obviously waiting for someone at a table. We made eye contact and said hi. Because that's what we do in Montana. I thought it was someone else, but when she didn't acknowledge me as someone she knew, I didn't think anything of it. Very attractive, maybe in her thirties. She and her date/partner/husband/whatever moved outside for dinner, and I noticed that they stuck around pretty much the entire night. And the only reason I noticed is that as the night went on, a little spark in the back of my mind made me think that she looked a little bit like Tina. Then, as we're packing up after our last set, I turn around, find myself face to face with this woman, and she speaks. "Is your name Scott?"

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