Thursday, July 12, 2007

Symphony Week HNT

Once again, it's the week before our summer concert. I'm sure I'll be discussing it much more over the next 10 days or more. My job title is "Operations Manager". In other words, I do the dirty work. Schlepping equipment, setting the stage, striking the stage, making announcements to the musicians, coordinating the building of the stage, the sound crew and the stage crew. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a fog.

Other times, I get news about last minute changes, and I start to get tense and tight, and it feels like a volcano is going to burst out the top of my head.

Most of this week and last, I've been taking symphony related phone calls at work, since I'm the one with most of the answers. It's felt like I've been on the the phone with two callers at once. Perhaps this would be an answer...

And some days, the pressure just seems to squeeze my head to the point of popping. Makes for some great headaches. (girls--this picture's for you!!)

It's going to be great show, and worth the effort. Thank God this is my 10th year of doing it! More stories to be coming!
This week's Mystery Guest is coming out of a bit of a self-imposed hiding, just to be the MG and to do HNT this week! For many of you, she may not be much of a mystery, but we'll be sure to reveal her tomorrow.

She is an amazing woman, facing some very daunting odds. And fighting the good fight. But sometimes you just need to take a break and look over things. Then you take a deep breath, lift up your skirt, flash the world, and get back to taking care of things. And she's doing exactly that!

Stop by and say hi if you know who she is! And if you don't, come by later and find out!

Not too much of a mystery here. This week's MG is Sparkles (formerly known as Stealth). Stop by and say hi, if you already haven't!

"...the Other HNT" has some new blood this week. Of course, it's NSFW, but don't let that stop you when you're not at work! Leave some comments!
As mentioned above--I'm busy, busy, busy. I won't be making the rounds as frequently for the next week. But I still love y'all! (I can't believe I just wrote that...)

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