Friday, July 13, 2007


Her - Hey, did you visit my site today?

Me - Umm....

Her - Around 12:18.

Me - I don't remember.... Oh, wait! Yes I did!

Me - Is the ISP provider XYZ, Inc.?

Her - Yes, and they got here from

Me - I guess it was me!

Her - You were my 35,000th visitor!

Me - WOOHOO!!!

Her - Uh-huh...

Me - You're not going to make a big announcement about this, are you?

Her - I just did. To you.

Me - You know I'm going to post about it.

Her - I don't care.

Me - I'll make a big deal about it!

Her - You're weird.

Ladies and gentlemen! At 12:18 MDT, I, Osbasso, was Rachel's visitor #35,000!!!

Time for another Kokanee...

*Apologies to Phain and Fame for stealing their schtick.
**FYI--I did take the xylophone...

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