Friday, July 13, 2007

Just shoot me now...

Thursday 9AM - "Can you come to a staff meeting at 10:30? It's kind of important."

Thursday 9:15AM - "I'm going to be about an hour late for work."

Thursday 11:20AM - "You're leaving town as soon as you can?"

Thursday 11:25AM - "I won't be coming in at all today."

Thursday 12:15PM - "Last time we used them, they were fine."

Thursday 12:45PM - "I'll see what we can find somewhere else."

Thursday 1:20PM - "He needs how many extra people? Why didn't we know this a month ago?"

Thursday 2:15PM - "I think he'll work with us fine. But we still need a xylophone."

Thursday 3:30PM - "Can you pick me up after I pick up the truck?"

Thursday 3:45PM - "So I end up losing a day's pay. Good thing that doesn't amount to much."

Thursday 7:18PM - "Oh, what a freak! He gives me the creeps."

Thursday 8:00PM - "Yeah, I'm heading to bed early too. I have to move equipment at the asscrack of dawn."

Friday Asscrack of Dawn - Load equipment into truck by myself.

Friday 9:15AM - Egg-a-Muffin (bonus points if you can tell me where that's from...)

Friday 10:30AM - Work

Friday 3:00PM - Pick up truck

Friday 3:15PM - Load percussion from storage facility

Friday 4:00PM - Load borrowed percussion from local HS (no xylophone)

Friday 4:45PM - Pick up car

Friday 5:00PM - Kokanee (many)

Saturday Asscrack of Dawn - Unload truck


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