Friday, July 27, 2007

Stuff before the weekend...

Remember last week when Phain teased us all with the "big announcement"? Well, rumor has it that she's going to tell us later today! Hasn't happened yet, as of this posting, but I know it will! It's a biggie! EDIT--It's up now!
Two bloggers this week bestowed upon me the Schmooze Award! Normally I don't put much stock into blog awards, because everyone eventually gets one. But this one seems to fit me more than most. Schmoozing is defined by as the ability to “converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” Yeah. I think it fits. This is what others had to say about me:
    Lecram: "The Grand Emperor of HNT. Need I say more? The man started a movement and has met several personally on his travels. Sure, he usually frequents and comments on the sites of those of the female persuasion... but seriously, can you blame him? That's schmooze!"

    MizMouthy: "Not only is he the King of HNT, I am dubbing him King of Schmoozers! Os has not only encouraged me to show the goodies (see above), he has empowered masses of bloggers to take of their clothes, take pictures AND post them on the internets for all of the world to see... if that is not a schmoozing talent... I don't know what is... Also, let me say that Os always takes the time to stop by and leave a funny, sweet or playful comment. I know it always makes me feel pretty special when the King takes the time to stop by and check lil' ole me out... (sometimes literally) Also... he's a hottie."
It's hard to argue with testimonials like that! I can honestly say that I don't ever remember someone calling me a hottie. But dammit, I'll take it!

Etiquette or procedure or something says I'm supposed to name 5 others for the award, but I won't. That makes it more special for those of us who have received it! I would, however, like to thank both Lecram and MizMouthy for the award, and also my dad, who truly IS the King of Schmoozers! Everything I've learned, I've learned from him. Someday I hope to be as good!
If you haven't checked my "EEEEEEKKKK!!!!" post, you should. For the record--no, it's not the same one, though it's definitely the exact pattern and label. Wrong size, too. But still...
We have a wedding gig tomorrow night. Why do people get married in the middle of summer? Wool tuxes, uncomfortable dresses, 90° heat, sweltering reception halls. Why?
Speaking of weddings, Moose's friend Heather gets married tomorrow. Congrats, Heather and Kevin! Moose's boy is flying out for the wedding today, and leaves Sunday morning. And there's a good possibility that we still won't get to meet. Once again, our schedules while the other is in town won't allow time for it. Someday.
Newest "injury" from the concert weekend...I wasn't going to mention this earlier, but it's developed into the worst of the bunch. I sunburned my neck on Friday (don't ANYONE mention sunscreen...). It started peeling, but things aren't looking good back there now. Got a little scabbing going on, as well as itching and redness. I've never had this happen to me before. Guess I was out in the sun more than I realized! Click it to big it!

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