Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another good night

Had another nice night out with Moose, Rachel, and Moose's best friend Heather. Heather is getting married this weekend, and is the most calm bride-to-be I've ever met. Or she hides it quite well.

We were up at the York Bar, where they make the BEST burgers around. It's about 20 miles into the mountains northeast of town, but well worth the drive. Moose always orders a Caesar, because they make the best ones here. Never heard of that? Here's the standard recipe:
    1 1/2 oz vodka
    fill with clamato juice
    3 dashes Tabasco® sauce
    3 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    garnish with pickled asparagus spear
Here is Moose, with three of the four Caesars she had. With gratuitous cleavage.

Clamato is made from reconstituted tomato juice concentrate and reconstituted dried clam broth. Excuse me??? Who thinks up this shit????
The Caesar was originally made with tomato juice and mashed clams. Refer to my questions above...
The Caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta. The Bloody Caesar is commonly regarded as the national cocktail of Canada. Nothing more to add...
It was surprisingly cool here yesterday. Only hit around 86 or so. Am I actually getting used to the heat? I think it was cloudy, but not sure. There's too much smoke from nearby fires to tell if it's blue skies or not.
Still not totally finished with my concert duties. I've had bad luck with the homeless guys I hire to help move the stage risers into storage. They've all been working on full-day jobs and haven't been available. Which is good for them, but damned inconvenient for me!
I'll probably show a picture or two from the concert along with my HNT for tonight. Since some of you have asked.

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