Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank God That's Done! HNT

Time to talk about the concert. All-Gershwin, plus Tchaikovsy's "1812 Overture", complete with fireworks at the end. For the first time in 10 years, people came as early as 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday to stake out their claim on the hillside. The security people told us that people showed up at 1 in the morning to claim their spot (thinking they'd be first!). By the time our Saturday morning rehearsal ended at noon, the scene above is what we left. (click 'em to big 'em!)

I didn't get much of a chance to take pictures around concert time, though this is the view from the back row (hmmm...catchy title...). We had a 30-voice choir that we used on one of the first pieces, hence the people seemingly just standing around. We had two black opera singers to sing selections from "Porgy & Bess", and a popular local pianist solo on "Rhapsody In Blue". The fireworks went off wonderfully, the crowd roared, and all was good.

For the most part. As mentioned last week, I mucked up my leg pretty good. I got some feeling in it today for the first time. And it's beginning to bruise pretty well. No pictures though--it just looks like my leg is filthy dirty. Of course, no one else on a 20-person crew got any injuries through the weekend...

Musically, I don't think the orchestra was overly thrilled with its playing. "American In Paris" was sort of sloppy, and "1812" actually fell apart towards the end. Certainly not so bad that people would really notice, but we did. I would even go as far as saying that this was the weakest performance in 4 years. Blame it on the heat. Blame it on fatigue. Blame it on not being prepared. I would have liked another day of rehearsal, personally. But everyone loved it, we'll do it again next year.

With the exception of one load of equipment to deliver (which finally happened this afternoon), the tear-down was done in about 3 hours. Which really is amazing. The weekend was hot, humid, smoky, and long. I still haven't totally recuperated. Moose's arrival has cut into my rest time, but she's worth it! Here's my beer and me at the York Bar last night. Never has a cold beer tasted so good!

Oh, please note the little boo-boo on my pinkie finger. Yep. Smashed it on Monday morning... Can someone just put me out of my misery?
I'm really glad to have this week's Mystery Guest with us. For those who don't think that "...the Other HNT" isn't anonymous--imagine my surprise when she told me that she'd done some pictures for the anonymous site awhile back. I had no idea! All sorts of images come to mind when you go through her site. She's classy (very classy), sophisticated, and pleasure is her middle name! She knows her liquor, loves cats, has a bit of a political streak in her, and has the best jammies that every woman should own! This MG will be revealed Thursday afternoon, but feel free to leave her a comment on her site if you think you know who it is!
Be sure to stop by Hedonistic Pleasureseeker's site to help her finish her brunch! You'll have to scroll down to find her HNT, but it's worth it! Thanks, HPS!
There's a nice mix of shots (currently half/half) over at "...the Other HNT". Be sure to stop and leave a comment for your fellow HNTers! As usual--NSFW!
I'm watching "Godspell" as I'm drafting this. It's been years since I've seen this! It was one of the big-three hippie musicals of the early 70s ("Hair" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" were the others). Oh, and I just saw that it's a night of 70s musicals!! "New York, New York" and "Tommy" to follow! Wheee! Geez, I'm old...
My apologies to my friends that think I've been neglecting them this past week. I hope I'm back into a routine soon!

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