Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence HNT

OK, that wasn't a photo that I took... If the day goes as planned, I've been out to the lake, the temperature got up to the mid or upper 90s, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, lots of beer has been consumed, and I've been back into town to see the fireworks show. If things turned out differently, I'll be sure to post about it!
Edit: There's supposed to be a picture of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in my header, and a copy of the Declaration as the background. They were there yesterday! So apparently things HAVE turned out somewhat differently!
Edit II: The mosquitoes are bigger this year. The same size as those used in medieval days to do a total blood transfusion...

I was all ready to attempt to be political on this post, which, for anyone that knows me, is a real stretch. Then it dawned on me. Today isn't a day to talk about the trashing of the Constitution, or the morality of the war in Iraq, or the right to free speech, or anything like that. Today we celebrate the document that stated our forefather's intentions to declare independence. The birth of a new nation. All that other political stuff falls under other categories since then. Today is a celebration. Of a birthday. Like the birthday of a co-worker. Not everybody likes the person--there may be plenty to dislike, but we won't pass up on a chance to party! So I hope that all north Americans celebrated safely this week. I have a feeling that my friends to the north don't pass up many party chances either!

(BTW--I'm not angry or anything here. Just trying to avoid having rogue sparks burn the hell out of my eyes!)

As I anticipated, I have no one available to be the Mystery Guest this week. Couldn't leave you totally out in the cold, but it would be nice to see a real person for next week!

Had a little bit better luck with "...the Other HNT". Even a patriotic one or two! Some late submissions definitely put it into the NSFW category. Be sure to leave some comments over there!
Gigs and symphony will keep me extraordinarily busy over the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to make the rounds as best I can!

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