Friday, November 02, 2007

Top Ten Possible Reasons Osbasso Shaved His Head

In light of the new look (click on my HNT picture below if you missed it!), some possible reasons as to why I shaved my head:
10. I'm hoping that it grows back
in a different color.
9. I wanted to start from scratch, hoping it would grow back like former teen heart-throb Bobby Sherman.

8. I planned to be Goldberg for Halloween,
until I realized any resemblance ended at about the neck.

7. I'm hoping to get command of my own starship.

6. Britney rocks!

5. I seem to remember losing something in there in the late 70s.

4. Wednesday was Brico's birthday,
and I felt I had to do something for him.

3. I had to check to see if tiny aliens had left crop circles on my scalp.

2. I ran out of shampoo that morning.

1. I certainly wasn't going to wax it!

I went back to check out the click-through, and it doesn't really show me in my glory, so go ahead and click here to see a "normal" picture!

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