Saturday, November 24, 2007

Apologies to Tara

Thirty-six hours after the fact, and the turkey coma is just now subsiding. Fifteen of us invading S3's home. No fights, lots of beer and football, and too much food. Lots to be thankful for!
I got a wonderful phone call Wed. night from a blogger who was driving all night to be with her family for Thanksgiving. It was nice to catch up with her and keep her awake as she was avoiding the deer.
It's cold here. Bright and sunny, but cold. We don't anticipate even getting to the 30s in the next couple of weeks. Thank God it's not windy!
We've got playoff football to look forward to this afternoon!! The Carroll College Fighting Saints host Morningside (from Iowa). They got to town yesterday after riding a bus for 1100 miles. A bus that didn't have MT tags and wasn't allowed in the state until purchasing them. On Thanksgiving Day. A bus that had a bird fly into it and break a window. I don't think they'll win. Whew! At least Carroll won, 27-16!

The Griz host Wofford, from one of the Carolinas, in the first round of the playoffs. For as questionable as the Griz offense has seemed this season, I think they're just now peaking, in spite of losing their top receiver to injury a couple of games ago. The FCS (formerly 1-AA) Committee has a decidedly east coast bias this season, and the Griz have had no respect from them or the voters all season. But with the cold weather and large crowd on top of them, I don't think the boys from Carolina will pull it out. I anticipate having to sit at home again next Saturday watching my teams on TV again! Well, fuckity fuck fuck. Griz lose 22-23.

Next week starts three weeks of symphony hell. We have two shows going on--Messiah next Sunday, and then two performances of Nutcracker two weekends after that. Along with the moves, set-ups and tear-downs in 4 different locations. I do wish that we had our own concert hall...

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