Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Numbers From Yesterday (and other stuff)

Some numbers from yesterday:
2.5 - Hours drinking, eating, gossiping and playing Keno
3 - Number of girls who rubbed my head whose names I don't know
3.13 - Dollars/gallon for gas
6 - Number of texts or phone calls I got yesterday morning before 9AM
51 - Years old/young birthday we were celebrating
60 - Miles per hour wind gusts in town
100 - Miles per hour wind gusts north of town
110 - Dollars I won playing Keno
2,000 - Acres burned in a grass fire north of town
100,000 - Dollars bail for each of 3 UofM Grizzly football players arrested on felony charges of robbery, burglary and aggravated kidnapping.

Did you hear about the sex offender who was decapitated over the weekend? Originally, I was going to comment that I had mixed feelings about that news, but as I read up on it, that all changed. Yes, the guy was a registered sex offender, coming from an incident when he was 17 years old, having sex with a 14 year old girl. I'm sorry--in my mind, that's not the same as some old guy molesting 9 year old kids. And it appears that the murder had nothing to do with his troubled past. The two teenagers charged with the murder are thought to have done it "for the thrill of it".
Fire season is still with us. Besides the above-mentioned fire, I think there's been 2 other major fires (10K-20K acres) in the state.
My niece's soccer team travels to Daytona for the national NAIA tournament. I mentioned earlier that I might go. Not gonna happen. So those of you in Florida need to cheer for the Carroll College Lady Saints!

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