Monday, November 26, 2007

It's That Time of Year!

No, not the Christmas cheer thing. Not the goodwill to all. I'm referring to Symphony Week. Usually a stressful stretch of days in normal times--it's compounded in December. Not just one concert, but THREE, in the span of three weeks. And all the associated rehearsals, set ups, tear-downs, stage crews, and opportunities to injure myself. Over four different locations.

The first concert is Handel's "Messiah" on Sunday night. Everyone knows the "Hallelujah Chorus", but it's really not the best movement. There's at least two movements that are far more exciting! We'll be using Handel's original instrumentation, meaning a fairly small orchestra. No trombones. But I still have to be at all rehearsals because of my staff position.

Two weeks later we'll be performing Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker". Twice! Again, most everyone knows bits and pieces of it, but not the really good stuff! Most of the first act of the ballet is unknown to the average person on the street. But the writing is spectacular! The dances of the second act are the ones that everyone thinks of when they think of "Nutcracker". Equally as impressive.

Unfortunately, we'll be rehearsing/performing these three concerts in five different locations. Which means I'm busier than I really care to be for the next three weeks. I'll try to get around, but don't hold your breath! HNT will, of course, go on as normal!
Speaking of HNT, remember that we have themes in December! Christmas HNT on Dec. 13th, Three Wishes HNT on Dec. 20th, and Year's Favorite HNT on Dec. 27th. I'll go into details later...
A little excitement last Wednesday... God and everybody got off of work early to prepare for Thanksgiving. I was following some crazy woman on a 4-lane street here in town, and she was starting/stopping, and basically wasn't someone I wanted to be behind. So I pulled around and passed her. Just as a cop was coming the other direction. Didn't think much of it. As I pulled up to the stop light, I see that the cop is right behind me. But no lights. Until I turned the corner. Yep--I got pulled over... And you all know my track record with these things. As I'm waiting for the inevitable request for my license, registration and insurance (all current, of course!), I look in my rear view mirror...

Petite, brunette, attractive, and carrying a big gun on her hip. I melted. Short story--we flirted (in my own mind), talked about my infraction (41 in a 30), and she let me off with a warning. It pays to be nice to those who carry a big gun.
It's unseasonably cold here and it's supposed to stay that way for a few weeks. I don't like it. Not in the least. At least it's not windy. Edit: As noted by Rachel in the comments, I spoke too soon about the wind...

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