Friday, September 01, 2006

Da Count

Don't forget about the Labor/Labour Day theme for Tuesday! Read the details here! Don't put it off!
Well, damned if this doesn't sound like a good idea! Le Cram has this wonderful thing going on Fridays. I'll let him tell you all about it here (I stole this directly off his site):


    THE IDEA: A weekly appreciation and celebration of what we have... and sharing that awareness. Perhaps just as a reminder to ourselves of how rich our lives really are... probably not in a Bill Gates kinda way but we all have things of value that no currency marker can be placed on.

    WHAT COUNTS?: Any and everything... really, the possibilities are limitless. From "Hey, I got new shoes... and the ability to afford them." to "I was drunk off my ass and a good friend gave me a ride home."

    HOW SHOULD IT BE POSTED?: It could be a story, poem, sentence, picture, song... any way you want. Sharing your own style and creativity will be your gift to us.

    HOW DO I SHARE MY RICHES?: Postings will be on Friday. Just come by and leave a comment telling us you are up. If you are new here and want to tell us you are up... just click HERE!

You've all seen me bitch and moan about a variety of things all year. This is such a refreshingly different approach to life, that I can't help but be intrigued. I'm in! And will try do to this every Friday! It'll be nice to actually get to say "I'm up!" like you guys do! MG and TG--I love what you guys are doing, and I'll always come by to tell you to Fuck Off!, but this is the direction I need to go. With that said...

Here's Da Count for me--

I have the joy of performing with the best bunch of musicians one could ever ask for. I've known one of these guys since 1981 (I was his teacher!). Four of us have played in this group from almost the beginning, over nine years ago. We have celebrated marriages, break-ups and a birth together. Individually, are we spectacular? Not hardly! But put us all together, and we are pretty damned good. And I'm a part of it!

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