Thursday, September 28, 2006

Porcelain HNT


Be aware--there may be is potty discussion ahead!

I was looking for inspiration for this weeks HNT, and was getting short on ideas. And then it hit me. Specifically, lunch hit me. And this isn't a good thing. I do research/computer stuff for a popular sandwich restaurant in town. I had one of our sandwiches. I got sick. Nothing terribly bad, but let's just say it was an explosive afternoon once I got home. And then I was fine.

So as I was on my porcelain throne (after all, I am the King of HNT), in the midst of chatting and emailing and posting (yes, if I was with you yesterday afternoon, this is where I was...), it hit me--THIS needed to be my HNT! Sorry, this is only a re-enactment of the afternoon done last night. I don't think I had enough safe time to set this shot up at the moment. Hit me with your best shots!

No, this week's Mystery Guest isn't trying to pose like me! Simply a coincidence!

This MG is going to be fairly well known to many of you, but deal with it! Her readers ride the short bus, so we're told! She is a lone star, a musician, an artist, a photographer. And she's obviously a cowgirl!

For those of you who still don't have a clue, I'll reveal her Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, if you know her, go say hi!
No real surprise here. Our mystery cowgirl is the fun and beautiful Spitfire! Be sure to check her out!

I'm not sure if I sent out a memo and forgot about it, or if you guys discussed it amongst yourselves, but the posts over at "...the Other HNT" took an "active" turn this week! Definitely NSFW!! Be ready for open, unedited depictions of sexual acts. Not all of them, of course, but enough! If it's not your cup o' tea, don't head over there!
Bekah asked to have you go over to her site and take a little survey in her sidebar. Seems she and the boy have a dispute that they're looking to settle...
Don't forget to check out the new OsShirt site. Look for new adventures over the next few weeks. Find out how my shirt has a more exciting, fun life than I do!
As usual, please turn off your word verification for the day!

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