Monday, September 11, 2006

My Musical Monday Debut

I've been seeing an awful lot of posts about 9/11 over the weekend. Especially that project where bloggers signed up to celebrate the life of a specific individual killed during that day's events (a WAY cool idea). We all know where we were. Personally, I had just woken up and had won a radio call-in contest (sorry--don't remember what I won...). As the radio is on, I hear a report about something hitting the WTC. I then spent the rest of the day glued to the TV set, bouncing back and forth among all the different channels.

I found myself somewhat unaffected by the events. In Montana, things are a whole world away (I still maintain that if terrorists wanted to cause maximum fear and panic in the US, they would have hit multiple targets in small-town America, where "nothing ever happens"). I'm embarrassed to admit that my initial reaction to the first tower collapsing was one of awe, rather than horror. The horror came immediately after, but it wasn't the first reaction. I didn't shed a tear all day. Not until I saw an image of a German, I believe, sporting a bright green mohawk, at night in the candlelight of one of the numerous worldwide vigils. The horror, sadness, and disbelief in that image is one I'll carry forever. I have seen the look of horror only once in my life--a former student whose baby died within hours of birth with no explanation. It's a look I don't particularly like. And this green-haired, mohawk-wearing punk had it. And that's when the tears set in. And I find that they come anytime I watch footage from that day. Then again, the same thing happens when Spock dies in Star Trek II.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo how does this tie in with Musical Monday? Well, it just seems like the time to jump in. And my selection for my inaugural MM? The glorious voice of the late Eva Cassidy, singing "An American Tune", written by Paul Simon.

Not much more to say. Except that I won't be playing along with TMI Tuesdays. A guy's got to maintain some dignity...

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