Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy week

This is another infamous Week from Hell that I get each month. That time when I'm busy with too many projects, and spending more time working on one than what I should be... I've spent every night since Thursday with Michelle, getting reacquainted on a deeply personal level. Looks like we'll be together every night through the weekend, too! We've got our first symphony concert on Saturday, so there's been lots of rehearsals for that. And In Cahoots/Mob Rules Horns (Helena's best local band!) will be playing for Helena's last Alive @ Five party tonight. For those of you new here, it's an open park, lots of beer, lots of food vendors, a couple thousand people, and music. This is also the same event & same location that, 364 days earlier, I got my camera stolen. I won't be letting THAT happen again! Hopefully I'll get some pics for you of the festivities.

Since I'll be playing, I've got a guest host posting HNT for me tonight, so you guys shouldn't notice any difference. I hope to get to a few of you when I get home, but with all that's going on this week, it might be a couple of days.

While you're sitting here waiting for HNT to get going, be sure to check out the posts below, especially the ones about QoA and Trixie. They're doing good things this week. And then click on the handle of the box below. I found this to be funnier than hell!

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