Thursday, September 21, 2006

Angles HNT


First things first! There's a celebration over at the Castle of Nannbugg. Thursday is Lee Ann's birthday! We've all been the recipient of a kind word or two from her, and she comments on everyone's site. Now it's time for us to stop by to wish her the best! Happy Birthday to my dear friend! Have a great day!

I got excited to try some things with mirrors, just to see what sorts of pictures would happen. You might remember some of the ones that came from my Caribbean trip when I was in that scrunchy little bathroom in my stateroom. Unfortunately, there's a severe lack of mirrors here. Just a little dinky one. Not a whole lot I could do, but I'm definitely intrigued about the possibilities. While this wasn't the best from my efforts last night, the split personality look to it seems to fit me these days (sorry I haven't shaved...).

This week's Mystery Guest is a long-time HNTer who had to come up with a new blog (don't you just hate that??). She's got a great name now, and is still continuing strong! The candles? All very spiritual, and very Chinese. Which fits her new persona! I'll reveal her tomorrow, but if you know who it might be, stop by her new place and say hi!

BTW--I'm down to only one more MG. If you want to be the MG, send in something this week!

This week's Mystery Guest is Ch'i from Esoteric Curiosa. If you go see her, you might recognize her from a previous life! At least go over and say hi!

"...the Other HNT" has fewer participants than usual, but that doesn't mean that we're lacking in quality! NSFW, of course.
Wouldn't you know it? OsShirt has its own blog. Go there to read up on the early days, and find out how an innocent blue Hawaiian shirt has turned into an icon, wanted by one and all. All of its adventures will get posted eventually. Just click the button!

As usual, please turn off your word verification for the night!

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