Friday, September 15, 2006

Congratulations!! It's a Boy!!

Pass out the cigars! Wipe the little tear from your eye! Quit sucking the helium out of the balloons! Aughra, Fodge and Gus are brand spankin' new parents/brother to Rock (not his real name)! According to my sources, everyone is doing quite well, and everything is there that's supposed to be (though he doesn't look particularly happy about things). Mom's already been up and around a little bit.

8 pounds, 7 oz.
Champion Nurser!

You may remember my Christmas wishes last December, one of which was that Fodge's little buddies would find their way through the storm and start makin' a baby. This after months and months of attempts and failures. Far be it from me to overemphasize my contribution here (actually, that would be normal, wouldn't it?), but I was really hoping that they'd name him Os, or O.B., or Little Basso. Oh, well...

Congratulations to the whole damned family! We expect zillions of pictures! I do hope that sometime in the future he gets to meet his Uncle Os.

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