Thursday, September 14, 2006


I know I said I wouldn't mention any early posters, and technically I'm not, but tonight's is the last pregnant post for Aughra. Go check her out on her last days of preggers!
First things first--no more "themes" for awhile (maybe Halloween--working on something for that...).
Saturday was World Nude Gardening Day, a fact that was brought to our attention by the lovely Tara Tainton, who is actually the one who suggested it as a theme for HNT. The plan today, then, was to show us how you celebrated WNGD!

As an apartment dweller for most of my adult life, gardening isn't something that I've really gotten into (other than that small hidden room in the basement that I shared with my college roommates, but I think I'll save that story for later...). I used to have houseplants through my two tours of college, simply because I could clip off a piece of whatever plant I liked and transplant it at home. And those all went well with the cactii that I used to have. At some point, I started neglecting my plants, until they all died. So I quit. I had the dreaded black thumb.

Three events happened a few years ago that have changed all that. First, I received a small palm-like tree thing (like how I know exactly what type of plants I have?) for my 43rd birthday. I was in a bit of a dark place at the time, and this simple gesture helped me out of it. No pictures of it for you right now, but it's growing superbly! The other two events had to do with elderly relatives dying and inheriting their plants (saving them from the trash is more like it). My great aunt (whose husband was a florist) died at the age of 90-something. She had a bunch of philodendrons that I took home. Did you know it's impossible to kill a philodendron? The other death was that of my grandmother at the age of 91. She had a jade tree that was over 100 years old. It was an established fact that when she no longer had room for it, I would get it. Well, she killed it. Almost. Not sure what happened, but we took it to the vet and everything. Only one small branch survived. What you see below is what it's grown to from that small branch over the past 10 years. And me hiding behind it.

And just to tease you a bit--a picture of me as I'm watering it. Insert your own little joke here....

This week's Mystery Guest is a long-time HNTer. Some of you might even recognize this picture (I don't think this is the first time it's seen the light of day). He's an avid book lover and a writer. For those of you who don't know who this is, there's a huge, obvious clue in the picture. Mark my words. He's chosen to reveal himself, so I'll do that late Thursday afternoon. As always--if you know who it is, feel free to go to his place and say hi!
Well, apparently that one wasn't too difficult. It looks like quite a few of you knew who this was without a great deal of problem. For those of you didn't figure it out, it's Mark Leslie. The biggest clue? Check the name of the author on the spine of the book (click it if you need to...)
"...the Other HNT" got a good smattering of photos this week, including many new faces. Well, not faces, but you know what I mean! As usual, most are NSFW. Be sure to check out last week's too. Didn't seem like there was much traffic over there last week...

Hopefully I'll have some pics to post from our gig tonight, assuming I didn't get the camera stolen again! What are the chances the little s.o.b. will return last year's camera???

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