Friday, September 15, 2006

Da Count #3

Obviously, music is what really counts in my life. I often take my musical abilities for granted. It's always come easily to me. I may not be the best player around (I'm not!), but I have the understanding. Below are excerpts from 3 of my 4 favorite classical pieces (4th one is hidden in this shot). I have the ability to look at something like this, and transfer those lines and dots and numbers and words into a relative accurate sound in my head, and lead others to produce that sound in a reasonable fashion:

Bonus points if you can name any 2 of the 3 pieces shown. Click it to big it!

Or I can take similar graphic information, and make my lips, tongue, arms, fingers and vocal cords work in a synchronized fashion so that I can help others do this:

I have the knowledge, the understanding, and the ability to be a musician. And in my life, that's what counts. If you want to read more about "Da Count", click on the button below...


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