Thursday, September 07, 2006

Miscellaneous HNT

NOTE: There's been an OsShirt sighting!
FOR THE LADIES: I got a request from Trixie over at Bated Breath to help her help a friend. Has the potential to be a great HNT week coming up!
FOR EVERYONE: I got a request from Px about a little project he's got going. Everyone should go see what he's got going!
FOR EVERYONE #2:This Saturday, Sept. 9th, is World Naked Gardening Day! There's even a website! This just screams for a HNT theme, so let's do it! Next Thursday, Sept. 14th, I want to see how each of you celebrated WNGD! For those of you with real gardens (and you know who you are...) show us what you've got! For those with just a few houseplants, show us how you love them! And if you have to go buy a dozen roses for your S.O. because of a lack of a green thumb, then show us the roses (but watch out for the pricks!). Go play in the dirt and show us your garden!
FOR ME: This has been a bit of a stressful week for me. Follow along:
    --On Friday, Dad ended up in the hospital. The shortest story--he had his right arm ripped right out of its socket. They wanted to perform surgery on him right away, but his heart surgeon nixed that. So his arm has been strapped to his body and immobilized for the next 10 days. "They" say it's the worst pain known to man (notice the gender...). Then after that, he's got 6-8 weeks of rehab. It's going to be a long, long autumn.
    --I spent most of the long weekend on the phone, talking to answering machines, sending emails, not getting the results I need. I'm trying to finalize our personnel for our first symphony concert. I've got the symphony administration on my ass at the same time. My only solace is knowing that once I get this done, the rest of the season will be a breeze.
    --Many of my bloggerfriends are in a funk, or are going through some life-changing events...
    --The smokey air around here has finally gotten to me. I've got the itchy eyes, stuffy nose, minor headaches. Not as bad as some of those around me, but certainly it all builds up. The smoke is mainly from the fires in Idaho and Washington, but I just heard on the news that the big fire in MT (180,000 acres), which is 250 miles SE of us, is responsible for alot of it too. Yuck.
    --The big black cloud hanging over me is my trial, which will be Thursday at 3:30 MDT. There won't be any jail time, and I've resigned myself to having to pay an exorbitant fine, but I cannot afford to get my driver's license suspended! I'll even pay extra if I can avoid that! I'll let you know how it turns out.
    --Last, but not least, Blogger ate this entire fucking post about an hour ago. This will get finished right around 9:30. And I haven't eaten dinner yet...
As you can see, it's been a bit stressful. I haven't had time to take a picture. Hey, after 17 months of this, it happens! So I dug up a picture from this spring that never got posted. It's where I'd like to be right now. Somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean, watching the sun go down. For the purists out there, I was half-nekkid by the pool when I took this (try to get THAT image out of your head!).

This week's mystery guest is one of the scores of submissive female Sex
Bloggers, with one difference: this girl isn't even 21 years old (just
give her a couple of weeks...). Her blog has been quiet for a while due
to a much more important project she's undertaking - the revamping of a popular Sex Blogger directory.

If you think you know who she is, pop across the waters and leave a
comment on her blog. I'll reveal her identity late Thursday afternoon.

Today's Mystery Guest is Mel, one half of "S&M Blog, Sex with Sean and Mel..." (the better half, if you ask me). They are revamping the popular "Blogstormz". Be sure to stop by and check both or them out!
"...the Other HNT" welcomes some relative newcomers to both HNT and the anonymous site. It's on the tamer side, but still NSFW. Be sure to check it out!

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