Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Come To Work With Me!

As originally laid out, I suggested a dozen pics of you on your way to work, or your daily routine if you're a SAHM or retired or whatever, but without showing us your actual work environment. Well, I couldn't keep it to a dozen. Deal with it. I took over 100 pics, and whittled it down as far as I could. Sorry if I bore you. If you want to leave "I'm up!" here like you do for HNT, that's fine with me! And, awaaaayyyyy we go ("click it to big it..."--Leesa)!

I took a bunch of pictures during one of our smokey days, and hadn't realized how dirty and ugly that made everything. Then Friday, the sky was remarkably clear, so I took them all over again. Much better to show off with!

This is coming down the hill (lots of hills) from my apartment. The construction is the new addition to the hospital, but I wanted you to see the mountains in the distance. Helena is primarily built on a hillside, with a wide valley below, and mountains circling the whole works.

These are two different perspectives from the top of another hill on the way (Lamborn St.). On the left, note I-15 coming down from the North Hills. And on the right, a good shot of what is known as the "Sleeping Giant".

Turn west on 6th Ave., and you pass this building. Helena is the state capital!

Top of hill (6th Ave.), going down into downtown Helena. Mount Helena is in the background--one of the largest city parks (if not THE biggest) in the country.

This is the Helena Civic Center. It was built in the early 1900s by the Shriners. It used to house city offices, but is now primarily a music venue. It's got a 2000+ seat auditorium, and an adjoining ballroom. But Helenans are most proud of the large phallic symbol that can be seen from almost anywhere in town!

Just past the Civic Center, going north on Benton Ave. The picture on the left is the approximate position where I passed the cop who claimed I was speeding, and started my current legal situation. On the right is the SW corner of the campus of Carroll College.

Heading home now, but on a different route.

Looking south on Benton Ave., you can see the phallic symbol standing tall!

Looking across downtown Helena from Benton Ave., you can see the Cathedral of St. Helena at the top of the next hill. Built in the early 1900s, it is one of the most impressive buildings in town. I used to be an altar boy there!

This old firetower looked over the young town of Helena in the 1880s, I believe. It's been somewhat restored, though most of the timbers are still original. It's not accessible to the public.

This is the courthouse where I have my trial on Thursday.

On the left, I'm driving up Montana Ave., which runs from the South Hills (which you see), all the way through the valley, out to the North Hills, a distance of about 15 miles. On the right, I'm back on the street that goes behind the hospital (see above).

Coming home on an alternate route, this is the back end of my apartment building. Over there. On the left.

For my final shots--coming down on the alternate route home. The left picture shows the smoke from earlier in the week. The right picture is near the same place, but on the sunny Friday afternoon. Note how bad the smoke really is!! All those mountains in the distance in the right picture should be seen in the left one, too!

Many thanks to Lee Ann for coming up with the idea in the first place, and allowing me to run with it. Hope you all get something put up... Remember to let us know (just like HNT!).

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