Monday, September 11, 2006

Bunch o' Stuff

NOTE: This was posted earlier, but got lost below Musical Monday. Please check out the QoA and Trixie parts
Yesterday (Saturday), was World Naked Gardening Day! This Thursday, Sept. 14th, I want to see how each of you celebrated WNGD! Go play in the dirt and show us your garden!
A couple of good things to tell you about. First off, go check out Queen of Ass. As many of us know, she's been dealing with a combination of hurdles over the years, the toughest of which is her struggles with Lupus. But it's so much more than that. She's a mother, a student, a new homeowner. And one of the strongest women I've run across in the bloggerworld. Anyway, she's come up with a money-raiser for the Lupus Foundation of America. Go check out her site where she explains things for you!

The other case of goodness comes from Trixie at Bated Breath. She's helping out a fellow blogger who's down in the dumps. The best part is that half-nekkidness is involved (including hers!) for our benefit for a full week! She's had good response so far, but she still needs another couple of women to step up to the plate for this week. Go to this post of hers to get the details!
Update on Dad--this is an excerpt of an email that I got from my mother (yes, I only live 2 blocks away...)
    Dad saw Dr. 'Smith' yesterday and instead of getting out of the brace, he's in a different one for at least another two weeks. He said it was the most unstable shoulder joint he'd ever seen....
Apparently it's going to be a long, long autumn.
Update on the OsPlates--good news here. I went to the county treasurer to get my new 'work-only' plates, now that my car is being punished for not having proof of insurance (bad car!). Since my plates are personalized, the state doesn't want to make them again. As a result, I get to keep the plates! But my car registration specifically says "For Employment Use Only" across the top. So if I get pulled over in the next 3 months, I'd better be going to/coming from work. Fortunately for me, I can claim that just about any time of day/night! But I won't abuse that. Too much!

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