Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Labor Day Theme

As promised a couple of days ago, I'm suggesting a theme for next week, BUT NOT AS PART OF HNT!! Those of us who live in the States will be celebrating Labor Day this coming weekend. Don't know if our Canadian friends have a 3-day this weekend or not. Like many three day weekends that we have, it's intended to give us time to reflect on something. I'd guess that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. have no clue what that is this weekend. All they know is that it's the last 3-day of summer, and the last chance to be wild and crazy and enjoy the weekend. Well, I aim to change that.

A week from today (Tuesday), I want to see photographic evidence of your daily work commute. This was suggested by Lee Ann over at the Castle. She took us on a drive to her workplace one day, and back home (with a stop at the gym). You can see her adventure here. It was such a neat idea, I told her we should get everyone to do it! And what better time than near Labor Day! So...

Post up to a dozen pics of your normal workday route. If you do this right, you can show off your town a little bit too! If you don't drive, then take us with you to the train or the bus or the ferry or whatever you do to get to work. Even if you only live across the parking lot from your office... If you're a SAHM, or retired, or unemployed, then show us what your daily routine might be. The important part here: Don't show us your actual work environment (you could get in trouble), and avoid pics of your actual building (same reason). But please do show us the river you have to cross, or the traffic jam you normally deal with, or the weird guy sitting in the park talking to himself. Whatever you see on a regular basis! If you want to take a different route home, then that works too! A couple of lines of explanation would be highly encouraged!

Go check Lee Ann's original post to get an idea of what to do. And don't delay! You only have a few work days available to take pics. Posting will be done on Tuesday, Sept. 5th. Above all, if you're trying to take pictures while you're driving, BE CAREFUL! And be sure to have a current driver's license, current registration and proof of insurance with you at all times!

No, this doesn't excuse you from HNT next week!

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