Thursday, August 24, 2006

Late Summer HNT

It's getting towards the end of August, which for many, including me, marks the end of summer. I'm not sure where it's gone, but it seems to have gone by too quickly. I read of bloggers whose children are already off to school (not for another week around here). The nights are getting a little cooler. The smokey haze of August forest fires hangs in the air. All the classic signs that things are winding down.

One of the fun evenings I had was with Rachel and Moose at the baseball game. Cheap microbrews, good friends, and fairly boring baseball. A good night. The picture below has already been posted on each of their sites in the past couple of weeks, but Rachel and I noticed that I was in the shot too! You'll have to look hard, but I'm there!

We noticed this over the weekend, so I claimed it as my HNT for this week. Saves me the time of coming up with another this week. So imagine my surprise when I went to Tish's site on Monday and found THIS! Really, I didn't steal the idea!

Our Mystery Guest is sort of a relatively new addition to the HNT phenomenon, though she's been well-known to a different group of bloggers. One might call her an entrepreneur. She's been featured or mentioned in numerous places, both online and off. She's loved the concept of HNT, and has taken it to heart! I'll be revealing her tomorrow, but feel free to stop by and ask her, if you think you know who it is!
The Mystery Guest this week it the very popular Tara Tainton, star of the site that bears her name. Tara has sort of a complex site, with a variety of different places to go, including her popular shop, where you can purchase all sorts of things, right Crimson? She wanted to remind all of us that Sat., Sep. 9th is World Naked Gardening Day. You can check out the official site at this site. So, at her suggestion, we'll have a theme for the Thursday after this date (Sept. 14th)--show us what you did to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day! Don't worry--you'll be reminded! Stop by and say hi to Tara!
"...the Other HNT" was a little sparse on Monday, but between a plea from me, and the surprise submissions of some new people, we've got a pretty good showing. Tamer than some weeks, but it's definitely NSFW! There's been well over 2000 visitors there each week, but very few commenters. Show some support for your fellow HNTers! Leave a comment!
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