Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mine, mine, mine...

Hell--I had a big post about blog friendships, and then lost it. It was based on some observations and references in blogs, chats and emails over the past week. Without rewriting it, here were the big points:
    --we all have a certain "circle" of friends that we check every day, and even chat/email with on a regular basis.

    --some of us have been fortunate enough to meet them in person.

    --some of us have been unfortunate enough to have others who have ventured into "stalker" status.

    --some of us have developed a possessive streak about some of our friends, and don't like to share with others.

    --some of us have "problem" friends who can't differentiate between online flirting and real life advances.

    --some of us need constant reassurance that others appreciate their friendships.

    --some of us trust others with the deepest parts of their soul.

    --some of us have been burned by trusting too much.

    --some of us are still trying to get by in this big blog world.
Not totally sure what points I was attempting to make, but the original post was really, really good! Now I'm going to go find someone to chat with....

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