Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pre-Trial HNT

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As I'm typing this, I've got about 2 hours before I have to meet with the prosecuting attorney regarding my citations and assorted crap. If I don't go to this meeting, I forfeit the right to a jury trial. What I hope will happen is that he'll see that the cost of a jury trial isn't worth the hassle for such BS charges that he'll go ahead and drop them. I doubt that will happen. My guess is that he'll use some legal wrangling, try to get me to skip the jury trial, and just have the judge rule. I don't particularly trust this judge to understand common sense, so I'm going to insist on the jury. It'll only be a six-person panel, but geez--I haven't told anyone my story who doesn't just shake their head and not believe it. I'm hoping to get a couple of people who have had a miserable run-in with the city police.

So last night, I pulled out the offending license plate, which essentially is the catalyst to all my troubles, as well as my 5 tickets, and my appearance summons. Couldn't find my good magnifying glass, but had this old one from my stamp collecting days (shaddup--I was a geek 35 years ago). Going over everything one more time to see if I could wiggle out...

Well, that was particularly unsatisfying. I'm going to trial next Thursday afternoon. No jury trial (if I lost, I'd have to pay the jury costs. Apparently, trial by jury is reserved for those who can afford it...). Just me, the prosecuting attorney, the asshole cop and the judge. I can only hope that he's had his three martinis for lunch that day...
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