Thursday, August 17, 2006

Red Flag HNT

Most of the state of Montana is under a "red flag" warning. This is the designation given when the combination of low humidity, high temperatures, lightning storms, gusty winds and general drought conditions are such that even a nasty glance at a bunch of grass could cause a horrendous wildfire. Fire restrictions are set through out the state, and the fire danger is considered "extreme".

We've been lucky here at home. No real fires nearby. But the geography of the state, along with the way the weather flows around here, means that we're getting the smoke from fires hundreds of miles away. Mostly from Canada, but surprisingly from the south, as well. Visibility is low around here, though nothing like the 3-block visibility we had in 2000. I'm sure it's going to get worse before it gets better. Montana hasn't gone up in flames in a big way since 2000, when this picture was taken (thanks, Leesa for reminding me of this!):

Bitterroot Valley, MT 2000

I am a firebug, at heart. I love fire. I am mesmerized by fire. But the smoke bites. Makes for amazing sunrise/sunset pics, but I find myself rubbing my eyes alot. The morning dew leaves ash on everything. Thank God I don't have respiratory problems!

I was hoping to get a smoky, fiery shot for HNT, but they didn't turn out the way that I wanted. Though they turned out pretty cool I thought.

And I'm reminded of what Smokey Bear says: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"

This week's Mystery Guest is no stranger to HNT. She's definitely one of my regular reads each day. She's been involved almost every week, I believe, since the 1st of September! She's not afraid to speak her mind about any subject that comes to mind. And you should see what she can do with a foot-long hot dog! She's multi-faceted, with additional blogs for her artwork and her writing (and MySpace and Buzznet and....). She's also pretty handy with a camera, and will be starting classes this semester to learn more. I would LOVE to get together and drink beers with her. I think she'd be a kick in the ass!

I'll reveal her tomorrow, but feel free to shoot her a comment at her place if you think you know who it is.
The Mystery Guest this week is the very bootylicious Cindy. Go by and check out her other end and say hi!
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