Friday, August 18, 2006

One Word

The responses:
    Genuine - (really?)
    Rascal - (I like this one!)
    Fun (2) - (I hope so...)
    Redonkafantabulous - (goes without saying!)
    Dedicated - (to certain things, yeah)
    Blithe - (isn't this Gwyneth Paltrow's mother?)
    Distracted - (what did you say?)
    Dependable - (like a puppy!)
    Entertaining - (me and Billy Joel)
    Awesome - (this was actually all in caps!)
    Generous - (wish I could afford it...)
    Busy - (as a bee)
    Playful - (like a puppy again!)
    Innovative - (trailblazer)
    Outgoing (2) - (I like going out)
    Classic - (I think this is good...)
    Multifaceted - (but not two-faced!)
    Leader - (I prefer to follow)
    Soulful - (just like James Brown!)
    Trustworthy - (I know no secrets...)
    Redoubtable - (go look it up...)
    Ubiquitous - (can't get rid of me!)
    Gregarious - (I like having fun!)
    Creative - (I'm good with my hands, too!)
    Encompassing - (big hugs!)
    Advocate - (I support that...)
    Caring - (I do care!)
    Observant - (I see that...)
To be updated as more come in...

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