Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthdays Poppin' Up All Over!

It's Birthday Time, boys and girls! Two of my very favorite blogger/HNTers are celebrating birthdays today! I'll be a gentleman and won't tell you how old they are!

The first one is the mysterious, artistic, and always spectacular Crimson! She's a fellow resident of the great Northwest, too! Transplanted, but she's got the true spirit! Some things you might not know about her:

--She's got an obscene number of Beanie Babies.
--She was a cheerleader AND a band geek in high school.
--She's obviously good with a camera!
--She loves bubblebaths and candlelight.
--She drinks imported "beer".
--She used to work at Wendy's.
--She's married.

--She's an animal lover.
--She's entered the Jones' Soda Photo contest.
--She's also come in second in a photo contest in Popular Photography Magazine.
--She loves the winter.
--She can't juggle.
--She loves Cheetos.
--She's a Rocky Horror Picture Show freak.

I've found in the months of blogging that I've done that there are some genuinely, exceptionally nice people out there. Crimson is definitely one of them.
Happy Birthday, my friend!

No One In Particular also has a birthday today! She actually was a recipient of some early birthday gifts yesterday from some of her blogger friends. We may not hear from her for a couple of days. Some things you might not know about her:

--She's a potato lover.
--She wants a tattoo.
--She's got a thing for purple.
--She's been my Mystery Guest.
--Like all good Texans, she can't function without her Dr. Pepper.
--She's a country music fan. Trace Adkins and Neal McCoy do things to her...
--She's got a great set of legs (but you probably know that already...).
--She's got a separate scrapbooking blog.

Be sure to stop by at both sites and wish them a Happy Birthday! I know they'd each appreciate it!

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