Sunday, August 27, 2006


I guess that's not quite the correct word. Pimpin' implies I'm making money off of these. I'm not. Maybe shout-outs is a better term. Anyway--these are some places that you should go check out...
  • Artful Dodger has come up with a new Sunday Funny that you should check out. I think it's something that most of us can relate to!

  • Liz, over at "TMI Tuesdays", asked me to put up her button. It's over there in the sidebar. I'm sure you've seen many of your fellow bloggers playing. You can go get each week's questions from her site, and post your answers on your own site. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to play!

  • Tara, over at "" has a large adult site, with plenty of pages to grab your attention. She's been an avid participang in HNT for awhile now, and was even this week's Mystery Guest! Check out her store, too. Lots of things available over there!

  • Mia, over at "I Dream of Mia" is in the process of getting her membership site up and running. When you join, you'll see a much different side to her! Stick around to find out when things are completely up and running! And watch for some HNT specials!
Stay tuned here for two themes coming up quickly for HNT!

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